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Call of duty parody game from EA
Ok, EA finds it funny to make a parody about Call of Duty serie. And yes the video is funny but I think they are still jalous about the amount of sold products. Anyway, enjoy the video:


Gameplay (skip the first part)
ROOFLLL, trailer suck but the game rocks!
[Image: 1fxsnb.jpg]
i like the "boring" sounds if you shoot.
1:1 black ops

here is the original walkthrough without that retarted voice comments
War.. war never changes, or does it? the war has change, did it? the answer is no. Unless it is yes. No of course it is, it's war, yes. No. yes..?
[Image: 1fxsnb.jpg]
So going to get Bulletstorm.
i thought the same, bulletstorm is THE game. action*10
Ffs screw COD games this is the best man, lol @ the rankups
I love this game Big Grin
g2download it
[Image: wyipjqo9qon7rc2v1lo.jpg]
And this is me playing this game:

Download link is there.
[Image: 1fxsnb.jpg]

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