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Call of Duty MW3: Facebook and ELITE Integration
[Image: 30xhrep.png]

A casual conversation between barata and I about Nukem.

Why would I want to use facebook in a game...?
[Image: MaEIQ.png]

glad that i dont use FB, so no need to ask myself if this is necessary or not

since when people give their facebook to other guys met ingame ?

[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]

I hate when people say phenomenon. It sounds lame.
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How about adding something that people actually use


i wonder how much facebook paid spent to be a part of the game
so awesome to post shit like "xXx increased his KdR to 13.37" and spread it to the whole world = epeen grows but no one actually cares

Nothing, everyone can make their Facebook app for free.

That's the problem of Facebook and the part where it only costs money; everything is free and Mark Suckerberg doesn't want to charge for anything. Maybe a moral problem since the idea of Facebook isn't his and the code isn't either (yes, the movie "The Social Network" is wrong).

The people that make Call of Duty think they are everything and thats why they think it needs this. But it doesnt.
(08-10-2011, 12:58)Pozzuh Wrote:
Se7en Wrote:Stealed, from cod4 mod ...
look who's talking

[Release] Old School Mod v2.2
[Release] Scroll menu


(11-05-2011, 13:06)jariz Wrote: How about adding something that people actually use

I love you Heart

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