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Call of Duty Black Ops to be Censored in Germany
Call of Duty Black Ops to be Censored in Germany
Steam also blocking activation of international versions.

[Image: nazizombieswaw092710.jpg]

Quote:Steam is also clamping down on those who might want to circumvent the cuts by downloading an international version. Anyone who purchases Black Ops at retail or online will have to get their version authorized, and Steam will not activate versions from the US or UK.

However, an Activision rep has confirmed that German players will be able to purcahse the Austrian version. It is not clear at this time whether it will share the cuts found in the German version (via Joystiq).

Quote:Here's the latest installment in a tale as old as time -- according to German games site PCGames.de, the region will receive a censored version of Call of Duty: Black Ops. This time around, though, there's a new twist for people who were hoping to download and play a different country's version of the game on PC -- both downloaded and retail versions of the game have to be run through Steam for authorization before playing, and in Germany, Steam will only verify local versions of the title.
just activated my UK version of black ops here in germany...
i used hotspot shield for activation Cool
preload also finished successfully
Ta da
There's no way steam is able to validate all copies when they are lauched
good to know that hotspot shield is working.

welcome to the forums
used this only for activate my key:


preload of the game without HSS and german ip

Hotspot shield is also my VPN to go Big Grin
Wow steam can't activate or monitor all keys to activate it they would need a big database
yes they can...
They could just add GER to the end of all german CDkeys+GeoIP
They are a multimillion dollar company(valve)
Activison is a multiBILLION dollar company...

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