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Battlefield 4: Facts & Figures
(04-06-2013, 18:30)surtek Wrote:
(04-06-2013, 16:50)Borealis Wrote:
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I would prefer them to take some time and release a whole NEW game, not a good-looking update for the old one. I still hope they will do it with BFBC3, but BF4 looks kind of ruined as a title IMO

Because there is no BF4 section yet.

That's why it was in news
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Yes, in ItsMods news. This PoS is completely unrelated to ItsMods so I moved it to the thing it most closely belongs to: BF3 category.
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  • Borealis
(04-05-2013, 10:33)House Wrote:
(04-04-2013, 23:21)SuperNovaAO Wrote:
(04-04-2013, 10:49)Borealis Wrote: But when I was buying the exclusive version there was not a single word about premium and then - surprise, you can buy premium. Which includes something that you already have. But I see what you are saying
I had this feeling a *little* bit from BFBC2 -> BF3 (as in, really just a little) but this looks like a very small upgrade to me, which Valve would just pack in a free update to the existing game, if it were a Valve game.

EA is in for teh monies LOL

10 days later but still - EA is a corporation, and as every corporation they need money. The more & faster - the better. There may be some guys who care about player experience and bringing game standards to highest level possible, but for the corporation in general it is not profitable to spend 5 years and release a good game. It is better for them to release a bad game each year for 5 years.
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