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[BETA GIVE AWAY] ABP Closed Beta Application Key !
[Image: apb_logo.png]
[Image: apb_email_V2_10.jpg]

I gift this Beta key due to my 1337 th post. Its nothing special but perhaps someone gets some fun with it

Your Closed Beta Application Key:

Welcome back to San Paro!

The wait is almost over! Here's your exclusive key to access the Closed Beta Application ahead of the impending launch of APB: Reloaded. This unique key gives you exclusive access to our beta process, where you will be first in line to experience the renovated world of San Paro.

Presuming you fill out the information correctly and completely in the Closed Beta Application, we will then let you access the game ahead of all other gamers. In return for being admitted to this exclusive band of game testers, we look for honest and detailed feedback during the ongoing beta process, and we expect you will use the provided in-game bug reporting and crash-reporting tools to help our development team further improve and update the game. Keep in mind that this IS a Beta game, and as such you will experience various issues along the way.

Good luck!

Just click here or the button above to access the Closed Beta Application.

Thanks and enjoy your stay in San Paro!
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Well shit. My alarm clock chose a nice day not to work.
Nice (:

- Also, nice 1337th post
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OMG congratz on 1337
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Thought this game was dead.

2 hours are over.
Damn u nova -.- hf with the code lol
The company that made the game has gone bankrupt due to failing of this game (They charged money for the complete version and after that you needed to pay a monthly fee so most people didn't bought it) But now a new company has come up with the idea to make it Free 2 Play with minor transactions for game items.
Ive got a beta key to and cause ive already played with the original i thought it would be nice to share it.

Beta Key:

Just say thanks Smile
Mess with the Best, Die like the Rest.

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thanks for sharing your code too, much appreciated
Blaziq, yours is a beta key or a beta application key?
Quote:Posted by SuperNovaAO - Today 23:40
Blaziq, yours is a beta key or a beta application key?

Its a beta key.
Mess with the Best, Die like the Rest.

[Image: blaziqsig1.jpg]
Ug, I thought this game died for a reason Tongue
Oh well nice 1337 post Big Grin

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