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[BETA GIVE AWAY] ABP Closed Beta Application Key !
(02-25-2011, 23:47)timmytimp1 Wrote:
Quote:Posted by SuperNovaAO - Today 23:40
Blaziq, yours is a beta key or a beta application key?

Its a beta key.

Didn't know there were already beta keys because the selection of closed beta players by beta application keys has only started a few days ago.
They handed out ~15k of those and now they are manually checking those applications for useful candidates for the actual beta.
I wrote a good letter of recommendation for myself, apparently:

G1 Wrote:Your account has been given Closed Beta access. You are receiving this email because your APB Reloaded Closed Beta Application was approved.

Also, I am not allowed to post any ingame info... /meh.
nice, have fun.
Also, at the guy on the previous page: There were no beta keys at any stage. I also didn't get a key, I just got the game unlocked on my G1 account.
K2 Wrote:Closed Beta 1 - Public Release Notes


Reworked from the ground up, primary changes are as follows:
  • Organization Leveling has been removed from game.
  • Leagues removed from the game until we can implement in a less exploitable way (League Display points are now either free or purchasable from the auction house).
  • Contacts split into Weapon and Vehicle contacts, rewards split accordingly.
  • Adjusted rating requirements for each contact level. This has decreased at low levels and increased at high levels.
  • Majority of Existing Roles moved to Achievements. All achievements moved to 1 level only and rewards removed.
    • Rebalanced Achievement requirements.
    • This includes Car Thief.
  • Added Roles for each piece of equipment and each weapon niche. Advancing these roles unlocks weapon upgrades and high level equipment/open slot weapons.
  • Levels in Roles and Achievements no longer count towards your rating. It is now purely based on contact progression.
  • Added Random Rewards (that are only gifted once), for unlocking each symbol, some pieces of jewelry, and emotes. Each contact unlocks different random rewards (around 50% chance at mission end, depending on mission performance).
  • Reworked item costs for all items. Preset cost lowered, Customisable Asset prices increased. Weapon prices increased, Upgrade prices increased.
  • Reduced Costs of Heat Buyoff to a trivial level.
  • Removed unused tutorial contacts (Simon Tran/Pagan Bloodrose) from progression trees.

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