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explain. There are different version of the addon?
under the different versions of the server?
If I am using 1.4.382 Crack TeknoMW3, which is put on this site and plug-ins are not loaded, but with the internet and it works.
//////Dedicated server addon enabled//////
////Created by Nukem | www.itsmods.com////
////CoD8HMod | www.cod6hmod.itshax.com////

Version 1.204
Can you recommend a specific version of my case, and what version of the plug-ins can I find
There is no addon support for teknogods therefore it wont work.
Please use your brain before posting. This is not a plugin release, why do you post it in this section?
Also you may have seen that there is a forum search at the top. If you search for 'TeknoMW3' the first result is this thread: http://www.itsmods.com/forum/Thread-can-...6#pid69316 where @Nukem (creator of addon) explains that TeknoMW3 is not supported.

PS: I am truly sorry about your low IQ.
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Topic moved.
Even if there was support I doubt I would give a sh*t. I / We have a hard enough time trying to support our own ItsMods community and its Addon needs.
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Indeed, Screw teknogods.

There is no 'official' support for teknogods, So go ask at their site about the addon because we never created anything for teknogods and neither was it supposed to. tl;dr It's not our fault your crack doesn't work
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Beily on the TG forums there is a Dedicated Server tutorial that has the correct version.
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If TeknoMW3 does not work with the newer version.
What options are breaking even is?
We're now not helping people with teknogods from now on because they use lower versions then us.
Go to the teknogods site if you have any problems with using the addon.

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