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Adding weapons in SP levels
Hi guys, is there any way to add some level specific weapons to the rest of the SP levels?....the 'Death Machine' is only found in 'Vorkuta'....I was thinking of adding this to the other levels.....
You can mod patch.ff, like @lost4686 did in zm mode.
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(12-13-2012, 15:13)SailorMoon Wrote: You can mod patch.ff, like @lost4686 did in zm mode.

thanks for replying,man....I went thru the tutorial....as I am a beginner at the modding tools use, I'm having some problems understanding some of the stuff....if I want to add the minigun in the other levels other than 'Vorkuta' where it's available only, how do i start....shall I try to alter the specific level maps?....pls advice....

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