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Activate Russian Steam keys via VPN and language change
Thanks for the quick answer !


dont know if you read the mainthread, i offer activation service

Uhm , ok , so can you activate one for me ? :-)

What info do I need to provide ?

Hey D0h! have u tried the activation for a foreign player, from the .ru cdkey.

eg. if i bought the .ru cdkey version of mw3 for steam pc, would it work in the UK? and what about Slovakia, as ciclop have already asked? very curious, and would the language change work in mw3 too?

please reply.

much appreciated. ty

yes i do activate

yes it works worldwide, just the activation is restricted
steam login data and disable steam guard = win

Nice to hear that!

So , can you activate one for me ?
Just write here what info I have to provide Smile


steam data and disabled steam guard

add me on steam:

Also language change is possible by exchaning some files.

I do own the US version of MW3 so getting the files won't be a problem. They just might appear on the webs somewhere in the near future, who knows.


So , everything is done and working perfectly , was done in like 5 minutes !
This guy is my new hero Smile


you are welcome

[Image: unbenanntoan.jpg]

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