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Activate Russian Steam keys via VPN and language change
thanks d0h! EXCELLENT SERVICE Big Grin Quick and easy.
[Image: m9ljxv.jpg]
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  • d0h!
thanks dude
(10-07-2011, 11:14)d0h! Wrote: thanks dude

[Image: you-sir-are-awesome.jpg]
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[Image: 129091032847808558.jpg]
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  • aosma8, Tomsen1410
thank you d0h,

worked excellent and fast.

nice service, recommending it to everyone else outside Smile

thanks, much appreciated
Best service ever! fast & trustworthy , now really why would you go and buy the game full price when you can do this , myself and clan member all got a few games and we now think theres no other way to go! , if your haveing dought about if this is the right way to go it is no joke i dont think i'll ever buy from a game store again not when i can get it so cheap

Bottom line is This = OMA Awesome
you are welcome Wink

I bought MW3 via russian site and it's region locked.
So is it able to get it working for me without getting banned on Steam?
I'm from Slovakia btw

yes you just need to activate it via russian vpn
why should it ban you? makes no sense

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