Full Version: Shop system for Infected gametype
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Hey guys, i made small version of Shop system for Infected gametype. That's includes all smgs, lmgs, assaults, and explosives, shotguns. Earn points by killing.


How to use?!
Easy to use. Instruction, Type:
!shop - Show two shop categories
!ammo - Buy ammo
!tut - Help
!mypoints - Your points

Shop categories
Shop has two categories: Weapons and Perks. "Zombies" can't buy weapons, but they can buy throwing knife and emp grenade. Humans can buy weapons.
Also "zombies" can buy some perks. (Ex. Cold blooded)
Weapon categories:
!smg - Prints SMG list
!lmg - Prints LMG list
!assault - Prints assault list
!shotguns - Prints shotguns list
!snipe - Prints snipers list
!expl - Prints explosives list
Perks are default. No categories.

You can edit costs for weapons! Open sv_config.ini and find mw3shop tab.
To buy weapon you need to reach enough score.
Perks are cleaning on spawn.
Ask me if you need not for infected gametype.


Not detected.

Coming features
- Attachments


[Image: p51200iw5mp%202012-03-28%2023-54-44-61c231.bmp]
[Image: k17085iw5mp%202012-03-28%2023-54-21-34w231.bmp]

@Sailormoon - Made it
@Youtube comments - idea Dumb Bitch


V1 - First releae
V2 - Added more configurations (disables etc)
V3 - Fixed all, added new points system...
This looks confused as to how the perks work though..are you saying that only zombies can buy perks? Also, can you limit what items are allowed to be purchased? because I don't always want zombies buying throwing knives...
Where's my credits...
On topic: looks awesome
Also I told you to create your point system, not use the one that's already there
You can make the opportunity to purchase an automatic perk for zombies? For example for the murder of two appointed by the perk, even for the next two and so on?
Too fast to read the info, Undecided

make it check for g_gametype = "infect" before it starts OnMapChange()

so those with mixed gametypes, can also use it!

else you'll end up with this sytem enabled in TDM asswell Tongue

  1. String DVg_gametype = GetDvar("g_gametype");
  2. if (DVg_gametype == "infect")
  3. {
  4. RunYourPlugin();
  5. } else {
  6. ServerPrint("[Epic-FAIL] Cant run this plugin while playing (" + DVg_gametype + ") mode!!");
  7. }

An just to reply to this mplugin in general, great idea! Smile
Good idea however, as infected is usually quick paced, imo their gonna end up dead while choosing weapons.

Not dissing your work at all but the reality is i really don't think it will work very well as it is in infected.
Altough I only understand 50% of what this guy is saying ^
I do agree with him, there's no way you can read the whole list in 1 sec
How about
Translation @litgar :

Quote:@Jaydi is it possible that you publish source code because I (@"litgar") want to translate/change some commands because for example !ammo is also used by unlimited ammo plugin.
Does it work with @Pozzuh's Permission plugin? Do I need to need to add all user commands in the Users?
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