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!get <weapon> help?
hi all

i want to know itf its possible to make a plugin, and when you type as example
"!wep ACR" you get that weapon.

if it possible can somebody then help me ( through steam maybe?) for making it?

that would be awesome

thank you.
wouldnt it be possible to use the shop system in some way, and i think this guy only want it for admins. you could use the shop system and only allow admins to use the cmds, but then everyone else will only get a shotgun.
quick responds, checking them out now
Add the commands to the permission plugin....
i dont want some shop, only for admins,
everybody gets that weapon. when i type !wep <acr?> i get the acr, and no1 else. maybe the other admins

jariz, i have no idea how... Sad

if (lowMsg.StartsWith("!getacr"))
return ChatType.ChatNone;

like that?
ask @jaydi for the source, edit it to make it ignore points, add the commands to the permission plugin, PROFIT
i edited the points. but can you tell me how to edit the permission plugin, so only admins can use it?
and what about weapon sets, wont it force start a weapon set for everyone else?
what exactly do you mean w4rdan?

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