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!get <weapon> help?
@GscGunner /facepalm
The permissions plugin was made to restrict certain commands from being used by users.
It explains itself.
last time i tried the shop plugin i started with a specific weapon in the start of the map. it will be crap if everyone else then you always starts with a.... model 1887.
jariz, i know. but i dont know how to. only let admins use it.
sorry im really noob in this

i got it working,
works perfect,
exept text is visible, for every1 and shit. and everybody can use it.

sorry for being noobie. trying to learn

and w4rdan, depends on what you setup for your server.
works fine for me.
would be cool to add the walking Ac130s to the plugin then Wink
it could. but he didnt add those to the plugin. only the real weapons

please jariz. help some more Smile

for example
!give iw5_scar_mp
could you tell me how, to?

posted at same time. checking it out

roll the dice? i thought we were talking about permissions?
i guess i will get a facepalm. but yep. i suck

if (Message == "!scar")
{ giveweapon("iw5_scar_mp");

it's the command that you wanted, doesn't matter if it's RTD
i think you could even code it yourself if you have little coding experience.
i have a little...
im gonna try...
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  • W4rdan
keep me updated ;o

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