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Xp hack ????
So I was randomly searching through the internet looking at blackops hacks on google until this Xp Hack appeared... And the thing is I dont even know if it works or not but I really want to try it out... And I dont know if its a zombies hack or a multiplayer hack.. So if anyone wants to ry it out the Readme is in the folder and it tells you what to do... Yur free to try it out but i don't know (as I said) if you wont get banned for this... So if anyone wwants to risk it and find out and verifiy this program then please go ahead and download it:

P.S) If you get banned its not at all my fault.
- 10MB download. 4 SURE
- XP Hack. Never ever again

(05-26-2011, 17:02)d0h! Wrote: troll
- 10MB download. 4 SURE
- XP Hack. Never ever again


no, it's legit, i tried it myself in multiplayer, and i'm level 50 on 15th prestige now. just use the hack on a ranked server and itll work
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can u get banned or kicked?????
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