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We Suck
I think you're talking about "dark matter" which is a gravity field as you said, nothing can see it not even x-ray, in theory it passes through everything, nothing can stop it, it has mass and it's invisible. Scientists saw stars somehow move but they didn't see the cause or any black hole, so they said "Z0MG [email protected] MATT3R".

In short:
Black hole is the center of the galaxy (not sure if there are more than 1 inside a galaxy), it is a black dot in space, it rotates and what goes into it doesn't come back. Dark matter isn't a black hole.

Dark matter wiki:

Black hole wiki:
[Image: 1fxsnb.jpg]
so you want to start a discussn about quantom mechanics? i dont think so...what you wrote is not even half true, its much more, first you need to understand how a black hole borns etc..
LOL - Pwned , Btw wikipedia CAN be misleading as any1 can edit etc.
Get a really massive star, x50 bigger than the sun, and blow it I guess?

Now that I think about it, there are more black holes in our galaxy.

I was a star nerd when I was 12 BIATCHES.
[Image: 1fxsnb.jpg]
Um...I remember black hole is a destroyed planet
P.S: I am a noob so I may wrong D:
P.S #2: 4Fun u have 3 posts to go
[Image: wyipjqo9qon7rc2v1lo.jpg]

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