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Tutorial Terminal commands [Black Ops Singleplayer Cheats]
Black Ops Cheat Codes to Unlock Dead Ops Arcade Game

Enter DOA in the terminal to make you play the super-awesome top-down Smash TV-style Dead Ops Arcade game.

Black Ops Cheat Codes to Unlock All Intels to View

Enter 3ARC INTEL in the terminal to make you view all the intel.
Warning: This cheat codes will disable Closer Analysis Trophy/Achievement

Enter 3ARC UNLOCK in the terminal to unlock all the Zombie Mode levels.

Black Ops Cheat Codes to Unlock Zork Game

Enter ZORK in the terminal to unlocks Zork I: The Great Underground Empire (an incredibly great text adventure from 1980)

Black Ops Cheat Codes to Unlock Audio Files and Pictures

Enter DIR in the terminal, and you can get a audio files and pictures list that you can open with CAT command.
For example: CAT NoteX.txt

Black Ops Cheat Codes to Unlock Login Name

Enter WHO in the terminal, and you can get a login names list to use with the RLOGIN function, but you need to have a password.

Black Ops Cheat Codes to Get More Codes

Enter HELP in the terminal, and it will offer you a list of commands to interface with the console. You can check your mail messages and use the other mundane functions.

No thanks for sharing ? (:

thanksSmile i just finished SP and to be honest it was really really fun! now time for zombies + unlocksSmile

logins for terminal with passwords are here:


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