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[Tutorial] Load mods on unranked dedicateds
(01-06-2012, 15:39)MauiDeath Wrote: I got the ai mod .2 from here, tried to over write it with the one file thats in 1.0 and it still plays v.2. I dunno!
Trying to figure out how to get a copy or a setup like they run on the OSK servers, but dont know whom to contact.
Do they have anyone here that does customizations on mods or tweaks for pay?

Ask the guy who made the mod

YouTube 1: Azumikkel - Modding
YouTube 2: DerpShark - Gaming Entertainment
Website: Jensby.me
Contact: im[at]jensby.me
Im having trouble I'm doing this on my mac and it doesn't let me drop the folder into the servers t
(07-01-2011, 22:45)AZUMIKKEL Wrote:
(07-01-2011, 04:48)jariz Wrote: It suprises me that there aren't any tutorials about this, also this look really easy to follow for noobs, thanks Big Grin

Made it mainly because I spent an hour trying to explain it to some guy, and I would likely need to explain it again in the future.

Do You Know How can You Put Mods Into A Repz Black Ops 1Server ?

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