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Tutorial How to reach Worldrekord on Seatown
Hallo Everybody,

In this Video you can see how to come up to wave 117 on Seatown.

Here a short explain:

In normal round you camp behind the table in the house.
(You can see the guns on the minimap)

In a juggernaut round you have to run around the map just the way we did.
Thats all

Great fun,

[-] The following 7 users say Thank You to Paranoid for this post:
  • Arteq, d0h!, Jammy, JariZ, Metro-Police#45, Nekochan, Yamato
good work Wink
not bad, nicely done
Who has the time for 117 waves! LOL!
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to zachlaur for this post:
  • JariZ
Very nice,thanks also LOL @ "worldrekord"
(03-12-2012, 00:14)zachlaur Wrote: Who has the time for 117 waves! LOL!

Almost 7 hours I see...

Can you pause the game?
Co-op, no.
(03-12-2012, 11:37)JariZ Wrote: It was very hard to play all the time, but we were on a lan-party and our friends helped us very much.

Interesting, I used to use another house, Smile
[Image: veovuq.png]
not bad but i wouldnt play more than 7 hours survival XD its a litle boring for me ,,,,,,, is that the world record?=

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