Full Version: How to reach Worldrekord on Seatown
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Hallo Everybody,

In this Video you can see how to come up to wave 117 on Seatown.

Here a short explain:

In normal round you camp behind the table in the house.
(You can see the guns on the minimap)

In a juggernaut round you have to run around the map just the way we did.
Thats all

Great fun,

good work Wink
not bad, nicely done
Who has the time for 117 waves! LOL!
Very nice,thanks also LOL @ "worldrekord"
(03-12-2012, 00:14)zachlaur Wrote: [ -> ]Who has the time for 117 waves! LOL!

Almost 7 hours I see...

Can you pause the game?
Co-op, no.
(03-12-2012, 11:37)JariZ Wrote: [ -> ]It was very hard to play all the time, but we were on a lan-party and our friends helped us very much.

Interesting, I used to use another house, Smile
not bad but i wouldnt play more than 7 hours survival XD its a litle boring for me ,,,,,,, is that the world record?=
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