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Tutorial Can you run Black Ops?
If you have a terrible dual core comp like me then you should use this thread Big Grin
^ Easy easy easy way to test

Cannot be retarded for the next test:

First find your GPU and CPU
If you dont know what they are then download CPU-Z

Once you have those figured out then Find your GPU here:
The min requirement for Black ops is a pretty old GEforce 8800GT It shouldnt be hard to beat that. So search for your GPU, If your G3D rating is higher than this:
GeForce 8800 GT 944
Then you will be able to run black ops with your GPU

Then Once you have found your CPU:

And VOILA its almost the same list OMG

Intel Core2 Duo E6600 @ 2.40GHz 1502

If your Passmark CPU rating is higher than you are able to run black ops

Well then you are screwed pretty much if the difference is under 50 total then you should be able to run it at a low FPS. Or just beg for mercy from D0h and Nova


pick Black Ops

be pr0

System requirements lab is for squares...
It says I cant run Black ops but I am, it just looks at the fail clock speeds

cuz 99% of those test suck like!
only look if your proccesor is ok!

im on a simple laptop the test say's i fail on the game's WoW,crysis,cod Mw2,cod BO,bfbc2

i can run all of these game's at the same time on highQ whit no lag!!
so screw the test u only need to know if your proccesor is good..

Game-O-Meter is much better than canyourunit...

Wow that sux

What? you playing on a Pentium 4?

Pwnd the system requirements Smile

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