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Singleplayer modding?
(10-12-2011, 10:54)fudge2 Wrote: Placing the IWD file in the main folder and putting a zz_ in front of it is the first thing I tried. This does not work, unfortunately. It won't load the file.

I am really only trying to edit minor gun stats and the FX files for singleplayer. That's it. I wish there were tutorials for SP modding. There seems to be no community in this regard; at least not like back during Call of Duty 1 and 2.

That sucks about not being able to launch my mod. Since it's SP, I obviously can't launch it through the menu like in MP. Is there not another way?

I said that you have to make a .IWD if it's just necessary...
Such files as .IWI's has to be in .IWD's, the rest has to be in a .FF file, which you later replace with a original one.
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uh lol wrong section,
this is impossible for now, or use Lost4686's method
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Well, regardless of my modding problem thread being mistakenly put in the modding problems section, I appreciate the real help I got. It's clear that it is possible to edit it somehow, but it looks like nobody has really tried. Lost's method seems reasonable for zombie singleplayer, so there must be a way to do it for campaign singleplayer as well.

Oh well, I'll wait for a mod tools patch that probably won't ever come.

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