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Request i want boloader support dlc maps
hi guys i have boloadr0.8 for black ops but the loader not support dlc maps

please before 2 years i wait some one make this i need any tools to support dlc maps playing bots not online i hate online i love bot can any here make this

i think this a hard to make but its not to easy from ur because all guys on this website

have a strong mind experince

thanks i wait any one
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BO supports modding without mod loader.
Create mods folder in BO directory, then create folder and call mp_yourmod and drop all gsc here.
Then go to main menu > mods > mp_yourmod
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  • Yamato
no no u dont understand me th boloader work 100% but this boloader0.8 not support all map the dlc map not supported

bacause this version loader not support all new map dlc u understand me now i want any other tools to play bot with new dlc map ok
you dont need the boloader anymore! Treyarch added mod support...in the main menu is a menu "mods" there you can start your mods!

I think 'BOLoader' is some cracked version of MP with bots only.
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(10-06-2012, 15:21)Elite_Nudel Wrote: you dont need the boloader anymore! Treyarch added mod support...in the main menu is a menu "mods" there you can start your mods!

You didn't read what he asked for. He wants DLC maps.
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i know i dont need boloader any u say than u think i use origins version i have a skidrow copy & update 6

if i install last update can i play offline with bot or boloader cant open it?

no i dont need dlc map download ..but i want support it for some any tools with offline play with my pc bots
no any hero here to made this tools i can donte
Let me guess, his BO is old version ( without mod support ) and he don't know about this
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