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[Request] exporting sound inside black ops
ok, I understand that black ops sounds are compressed with a unique header, and there is a tool for converting BO files into a normal pcm wave file.
but what about the other way around?

if I want to replace the sound it means that I need to convert my new file back to black ops format!

is there an existing tool for doing that, or some could create a reverse tool for the existing one?

btw, I believe that if ill change the existing sound soundalias data it may work, but right now I still don't understand the soundaliases infrastructure completely.

-thanks, tom.

Black Ops Sound Tool

Allows you to export and create all types of Black Ops Sounds to be used in your mod.

Drag and drop multiple files or even a folder and it will convert or export the .wav's

New: Supports extracing sounds Directly from FastFiles

Version: 1.2
ok dude im stupid sorry, when i tried the first time it didnt worked for me, i can now see it support both ways, sorry Big Grin

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