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[Request] Weapons That Shoot NovaGas
Big Grin planning to make a biohazard mod. if a certain weapon is able to shoot nova gas.
Ive seen that in Azumikkels Roll the Dice Mod i believe, but there the smoke was behind you so you left a toxic trace. It aint much but it might help you if you check those files.
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[Image: blaziqsig1.jpg]
You will need to play the nova fx at where you fire and call a thread for each shot dealing RadiusDamage and the nova shellshock at that point for a certain amount of time.

I am pretty sure you're going to ask how, but if you spend at least 10 minutes looking in Roll the Dice you can find out by yourself, and I'm pretty busy with my own stuff.
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thats not very hard to make

edit: thx for idea Big Grin

i gonna use this as a killstreak for paladins^^

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