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Request SOLVED|death messages
Yay so i helped find something usefull kinda?
(03-16-2011, 07:15)rotceh_dnih Wrote: how hard would that be????
i have no idea what so ever but wouldnt you just take a MW2 gsc Syntax Checker and rewright it to check blackops dvar's and stuff?????? like i said i dont really know but, gsc is very muck like c++ and from what i can tell mw2 gsc code work's with blackops aslong as you change mw2 dvars and settings to the sometimes changed blackops dvars and setting's it should work ,

so find the sorce for a mw2 Syntax Checker,change the list of dvars and stuff its loooking for and Bam!!!! One blackops Syntax Checker??

(03-16-2011, 12:09)SuperNovaAO Wrote: There is none.

(03-16-2011, 17:25)rotceh_dnih Wrote: http://alteriw.net/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=16881 http://alteriw.net/viewtopic.php?f=79&t=16537 but is this what you guys are trying to do?

(03-18-2011, 21:48)SuperNovaAO Wrote:
(03-15-2011, 15:58)SuperNovaAO Wrote: Ok, fkn Syntax Checker gets priority.

not looking for credit or anything just wish to know if my links help you find anything or not Big Grin
No, those are simple brackets counters.

My tool works like a compiler for C++.
Interpreting the code word for word.

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