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Request Blackops Flyable Jet
like the one from MW2 ,,im told it's two line's of code if anyone know's how please let me know via PM or post here
why do you put [release]?
lol fixed! , a stoned moment...
anyone please Angel
http://www.itsmods.com/forum/Thread-Gunship-Battle.html this?
(05-19-2011, 08:55)surtek Wrote: http://www.itsmods.com/forum/Thread-Gunship-Battle.html this?
i think he means like, making a custom killstreak or something and flying a naplam plane etc that shoots and is controllable like the gunship, but u can control the altitude as well.
yea i've looked throught them and can not find out how that has anything to do with makeing a flyable jet, im really lost where do i start?
woops No One got there first ,,yes thats what i mean like the mw2 flyable jet mod
that Doh did http://www.itsmods.com/forum/Thread-Flyable-Jet.html but in blackops.
i belive 4FunPlayin said it could be done with two line of code ???
c'mon guy's wouldnt it be cool to fly a jet in black op's
(05-22-2011, 12:17)rotceh_dnih Wrote: c'mon guy's wouldnt it be cool to fly a jet in black op's

Uhmmm, yes it would Dodgy

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