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Release Flyable Jet

Quote:K, time to release it, this is the flyable jet. Smile

by 4FunPlayin


precacheShader("cardicon_minigun"); //20mm
    precacheShader("cardicon_paratrooper"); //carpet bomb
    precacheShader("cardicon_shotgun_shells"); //40mm
    precacheShader("cardicon_missile_1"); //stinger
    precacheShader("cardtitle_bullet"); //reloading
    level.minigun = 0;
    level.carpet = 0;
    level.explosives = 0;
    level.missiles = 0;
Download:] - full _rank.gsc code] - half (without rank.gsc)

TainT_'s version:
killingdyl's version:

Both of them fixed the hud bug and the crash.

How to use:

1) Copy everything to where ever you want, most likely _rank.gsc.
2) Add
self thread jetStartup(Weapons (on/of), Speed (120), Silent mode, third person (on/of));

You can add that anywhere.

if you do not understand, just add
self thread jetStartup(1, 120, 0, 1); //weapons: on, speed: 120, silent mode: no, thirdperson: yes

at onPlayerSpawned()

Like this:
    self endon("disconnect");

        self waittill("spawned_player");
        self thread jetStartup(0, 120, 0, 0);

3) Have fun.

Also remember these is a bug, once you die the hud gets f'd up.

How could I forget the credits.. pff.
4FunPlayin - basically making the weapons and the jet (which was easy)
GoldenKnife - fixed the 3rd person mode + smoke which worked only for the first that spawn (works now for everyone)
ZerO_one - he helped with some dvars and some stuff

And everyone here.. because without your help, everyone, I wouldn't know how to make such thing as this.

Thx for posting ( I can't thank u my iPod cut that off )

What? Why is there some broken ones.....?

Broken what's?

i have no idea what to add and what not too ? why cant you just make one final release so we dont have to add anything?
[Image: NhnGP.png]

it is easy to add everything if you read carefully

This was crazy when it was beta

(03-30-2011, 07:29)d0h! Wrote: it is easy to add everything if you read carefully

no its not lol the part he says to add to init is already there and the other shit makes no sence can someone just make this to a .iwd for alter and upload it please many thanks
[Image: NhnGP.png]

yes it is easy lol (-.-), and no we dont support cracked copies.

(03-30-2011, 19:32)d0h! Wrote: yes it is easy lol (-.-), and no we dont support cracked copies.

lmfao the only reason i got here is because one of your members advertised it on alters forums Dodgy and if its such a big deal just upload in a .zip i only play alter after being banned from steam for modding.and only 1 of the download links work how do i know if its the whole mod or do i still have to add everything to it? the directions are not written well.
the only download link that works is killingdyls version do i have todo EVERYTHING he said for it too work? cause i browsed thru it and alot is already there or written similar
[Image: NhnGP.png]

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