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Release Zombie Weapons (Solo Mode)

/give m16_zm
/give m16_gl_upgraded_zm
/give gl_m16_upgraded_zm
/give g11_lps_zm
/give g11_lps_zm_upgraded_zm
/give famas_zm
/give famas_upgraded_zm
/give ak74u_zm
/give ak74u_upgraded_zm
/give mp5k_zm
/give mp5k_upgraded_zm
/give mp40_zm
/give mp40_upgraded_zm
/give mp1_zm
/give mp1_upgraded_zm
/give pm63_zm
/give pm63_upgraded_zm
/give pm631h_upgraded_zm
/give spectre_zm
/give spectre_upgraded_zm
/give cz75dw_zm
/give cz751h_zm
/give cz75dw_upgraded_zm
/give cz75dw1h_upgraded_zm
/give ithaca_zm
/give ithaca_upgraded_zm
/give rottweil72_zm
/give rottweil72_upgraded_zm
/give spas_zm
/give spas_upgraded_zm
/give hs10_zm
/give hs10_upgraded_zm
/give hs101h_upgraded_zm
/give aug_acog_zm
/give aug_acog_upgraded_zm
/give mk_aug_upgraded_zm
/give galil_zm
/give galil_upgraded_zm
/give commando_zm
/give commando_upgraded_zm
/give fnfal_zm
/give fnfal_upgraded_zm
/give dragunov_zm
/give dragunov_upgraded_zm
/give 196a1_zm
/give 196a1_upgraded_zm
/give rpk_zm
/give rpk_upgraded_zm
/give hk21_zm
/give hk21_upgraded_zm
/give m72_law_zm
/give m72_law_upgraded_zm
/give china_lake_zm
/give china_lake_upgraded_zm
/give zombie_cymbal_monkey
/give ray_gun_zm
/give ray_gun_upgraded_zm
/give thundergun_zm
/give thundergun_upgraded_zm
/give crossbow_explosive_zm
/give crossbow_explosive_upgraded_zm
/give knife_ballistic_zm
/give knife_ballistic_upgraded_zm
/give knife_ballistic_bowie_zm
/give knife_ballistic_bowie_upgraded_zm
/give explosive_bolt_zm
/give explosive_bolt_upgraded_zm
/give bowie_knife_zm
/give syrette_sp
/give zombie_perk_bottle_doubletap
/give zombie_perk_bottle_jugg
/give zombie_perk_bottle_revive
/give zombie_perk_bottle_sleight
/give zombie_knuckle_crack
/give zombie_bowie_flourish

Haha thanks will be fun to mess around with

nice xD wich one is the raygun Tongue


wahhah lal Raygun_mp a little down xD
im such a dush!

Awesome bro thanks ! gonna be usefull

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