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Release Vision Changer
(09-04-2012, 13:13)JayDi Wrote:
(09-04-2012, 10:36)GamingSKell Wrote: Wich Vision ist the darkest one ?

Visions are (which i know): icbm and aftermath
Or 'blacktest' vision Dumb Bitch

I'm sure all MW2's can work, but I attached all vision files inside MW3 -not including the DLC's vision-

Attached Files
.rar   vision.rar (Size: 145.71 KB / Downloads: 38)
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  • OzonE
So is it not possible to have it active only on certain gamemodes?

Or at least have so an admin can enable/disable.

In my limited way I can see it working like this

And admin types in a command:

!vis on (loads from the config and auto fast_restarts, or admin does a manual fast_restart)

!vis off (turns vission off on the next map/mode)

Of course your vision is set up in the config before hand.

Or a more advanced way would be to have


etc.........for all game modes.
very good! OMA

and you give the source?
(05-21-2013, 17:53)Jone Calerone Wrote: very good! OMA

and you give the source?

lol u want of each release the source or what?Fuck yea!
I always want to know the source!

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