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Release SanX GunGame Mod 1.8
SanX GunGame Mod 1.8

The archive contains:

- SanX GunGame 1.8 (gun.gsc).
- A modified Deathmax 4.9 _rank.gsc file to get Random Camo weapons and Random facepaints in games like (SharpShooter, Gun game, One in a Chamber, Sticks and stones).
- A modified _bot.gsc file that creates a new difficulty level called "rude" for bots, it is more challenging than "normal", but not as cheating as "hard", and in my opinion apart from the standar behaviour of bots on autoaim, seeing you through thin objiects or smoke, behaves alot more realistically than the other difficulty levels.
- A png image which shows how to set the new difficulty level in your config_mp.cfg file wich is found under \GAMEDIR\players directory.

From the file you can even learn how to setup TDM with a number of bot allies different from the enemies number.

SanX GunGame 1.8 mode requires a compatible main mod, still Expert mod isn't fixed so you need to use the _rank.gsc I provided.

All the .gsc files provided need to go in the same dir as _rank.gsc that usually is \GAMEDIR\mod\maps\mp.

I suggest you to use itsModloader against any version of Tecknogods BOLoader, anyway if you want to use that do not choose to load as custom mod gun.gsc

load the _rank.gsc instead, gun.gsc mod will be used automatically as soon as you choose gun gametype.

To load a Gun game open console and write:

\g_gametype gun;map_rotate;
This will set the gametype and then automatically load first map (that is array).

SanX GunGame 1.8 Features:

-Custom weapon loadout creation through a multidimensional array
-2 New personal loadouts focusing first on Silent Kills with Hatchet as final weapon and the second on Speed, Grip and Maneuverability
-If a player gets killed by another player who has a weapon older of 10 tiers respect to his own he gets demoted
-If a player gets killed by the first weapon in the progression (The pistol), and he is 10 tiers or more in advantage he gets demoted 2 times

- Some Bug fixed from previous release
- Different random loadup code snippet.

Hope you like it Smile

Attached Files
.rar   SanXMods.rar (Size: 32.3 KB / Downloads: 945)
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  • ironcore
[Image: wyipjqo9qon7rc2v1lo.jpg]
Ye screenshots?
Good mod, but is it possible to make progressions greater than 20 weapons long?
I added weapons all the way to "weaponProgressionMultiArray[2][47]" but it still stops at 20...
perfect! tnx!

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