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Release ProMod Plugin
The author info should display every 25 seconds
replace: ^1 use the command !cl_maxpackets 100 ^0(60-100)
^2 use the command !maxfps 100 ^0(0-100)
I need this mod - MW3 eSport MOD


MW3 esports mod, that is like a promod for mw3,

-fov 80
-fps 100
-no smokes, no fog, no dust, no snow, no rain
-new scoreboard+ping
-less sound noice
-no more lag compensation
-r_lodscalerigid 1
-smaller icons(defend, bomb, protect)
-smaller players icons in radar
-less details in the map
-no more shadows

all that made without modtools.

BIG THANKs TO the esports mod staff: TED, zxzooo, kenzo

zxzooo please upload
You can download on the first page.
[Image: azuw.jpg]
ok, how i can remove smoke,sand,fog and others ?? this is the same?

I don't have effects with this plugin.

Plugin is loaded ( when i say !help i view all commands ) , but i have fog,rain,sand and other shit and shadows.

How to edit sv_config.ini to force by server fov,fps,pockets,fog,pings and others
need something to set? or just simply write it to server ;/ Plugin work , but not like the film


zxzooo please help
in that video the client in chat have type !r_fog 0
That is why no fog, smoke etcc
You can do the same too
Join ur server, type in chat !r_fog 0
forceClientDvars=cg_fov "80",cg_fovscale "1.125"

delete r_fog from: forbiddenClientDvars= ?? , or how to add r_fog 0 auto when client join server
They are my modif of personal CVAR, zxz0O0 do not have does not know it,
I go soon add the sv_server.ini on a ftp for esl

[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to TEDZu for this post:
  • xizitro
TEDZu soon??? 5 min ? Smile

+1 and thanks

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