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Release Plugin ReservedSlot v1.3
Hello everyone!

[Image: reservedslot.jpg]

Much who to trying make plugin ReservedSlot. I read some comments from this post:
I edited the code, I can say that i has created a new, but this code plugin a little harder.

The problem, which was in a code:
if (int.Parse(GetDvar("sv_maxclients")) == clients.Count)
I don't know why it was, but I decided this problem.
For game version 1.4.382 or higher
@Nukem's server addon 1.204 or higher

To add XUID need to write it in ReservedSlot/ReservedSlot.txt.
I Think that isn't hard. Example of filling can be seen here:

Add to sv_config.ini

message=^2Sorry, ^1slot has been reserved.
//send message to kicked a player
//1 - Kick of the player with the highest ping
//2 - Kick of the last player has connected
//3 - Kick a random player
ReturnMsg=^1Slot ^7has been opened. Please Rejoin.

The plugin has been tested. It work at 100%
The code is under development. So, when you connect, you will get a returnMsg, but user will be kicked.
Need a source code? - Write to pm me

P.S. All files put the folder in "Plugins"
I think you'll like it. Enjoy! Smile

Attached Files
.zip   ReservedSlot (Size: 3 KB / Downloads: 102)

Source code and documentation:

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