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Release ModernAdmin Server Tool
Hey guys

First poster here so be niceSmile

I thought i would share this tool with you since i like it alot. It is a tool like MW3SA but i prefer it. It is a votekicking tool. Aslong as the Host of the game is running it all other players in the lobby also running the tool may votekick a player. As soon as the votes reach more then 50% of the people using Modern Admin the player will be kicked from the server like with MW3SA. I consider this tool more balanced since not only one person decides if a player should be kicked. This reduces abuse of "power" by a single person. It is still in development and contains an autoupdater.

Current feature list:
- An easy to use HTTP web server interface
- Displays the current Host
- Player profile links
- Ban Streaming*
- Vote kicking
- Chat logging
- Auto updater
- Kill log to show who has killed you or who you have killed

*Ban streaming is an option to "report" a player with the tool. This report is in no way linked to a report over steam. Once enough reports are made for a single player that player will be instantly autokicked if the host is running Modern Admin. So basically a global blacklist.

I would like to point out that this tool has not been coded by me but i stongly support the idea. The coder is very open to sugestions about features and potential improvements to the tool. He is also looking for some C++ programmers to maybe help him out with some of the code.


Screenshot of version 0.1.0
[Image: maingame1.png]

Screenshot of beta version 1.1.b (pre 1.1.0 but what it looks like now Smile):[Image: 1.png]

How to use:
1. Start tool
2. Be host
3. Go to http://localhost:3060/ in the steam ingame browser

Link to Steamgroup:

Version 1.1.0
    - Web layout.
    - Kill log added.
    - Auto-refresh added.
    - Max number of chat lines logged is now 6 instead of 8.

Version 1.0.1
    - ModernAdmin falsely reporting that a "Report failed unexpectedly".
    - Version number mismatches.

Version 1.0.0
    - Auto-update feature added.
    - Ban Streaming service added; Any streaming MA server will autokick hackers/exploiters.
    - Report feature added to report hackers/exploiters.
    - Votekicks now only require 50%+ of MA users in server; 2 vote minimum removed.
    - Server host is now shown in ModernAdmin program title.
    - The vote kick option only shows if the server is MA Enabled.
    - Number of votes required to kick a person will now show next to the current vote count.
    - Votekicks against a player now persist and count against them if they rejoin a game.

    - Error when client and server keys got out of sync, giving an invalid key error.
    - Random color codes in chat log.
    - Names displaying improperly in the web browser.
    - Votekick numbers not updating properly.
    - Not being able to votekick a player if they rejoin a server.
    - "Error initializing firewall: 4df" should be fixed.

Thread Updates:
- Added Screenshot of beta version 1.1.b
- Added new version as attachment (1.1.0)
- Updated changelog (1.1.0)
- Added Steamoverlay browser bookmarkmod

[email protected]FFNJunior (The Tool)
[email protected]!ghT-FoX (Steamoverlay browser bookmarkmod)

.zip   ModernAdmin_1.0.1.zip (Size: 633.72 KB / Downloads: 253)
.zip   ModernAdmin_1.1.0.zip (Size: 637.15 KB / Downloads: 797)

Addon Download:
.zip   MAServerTool_Bookmark.zip (Size: 2.43 KB / Downloads: 369)

HF and frag hard Smile

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i think you have to upload it here as attachment and add 2 virus scans
Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/hgevo
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AFAIK there is no rule that i have to upload the tool. I do not have controll over the content on that Steamgroup and therefore virus scans are useless once it gets updated. Correct me if im wrong please Smile
file attached, you need to attach the file as everyone else needs to do that either.
*hidden rule*
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Cleaned up topic, added changelog, screenshot and how to use.
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Creator of the tool here, just thought I'd pop in and thank UdK.cH; I have subscribed to this thread, so if anyone has questions I'll do my best to respond.
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Cool tool.

Some suggestions for the tool:
- If I am sure this tool kicks the player by putting him in the firewall which makes his lose connection. Can't you do the same but something like a lagswitch. That you can freeze a specific player/whole team by putting him about 5-30 sec in the firewall and deleting him out the firewall after that?
- "As soon as the votes reach more then 50% of the people using Modern Admin the player will be kicked from the server like with MW3SA." maybe handy if you explain it like when you did in a different topic:
(12-23-2011, 19:27)FFNJunior Wrote:
(12-23-2011, 18:27)raminr63 Wrote: thanks

i have this , but for kick the player, other player's must be vote so it's hard to guide all or some player's in-game to vote and going to vote-kick address . and otherwise it's not better than mw3sa , for this reason i like use the mw3sa but the WinPcap don't installed correctly on windows 7 !!

With the latest version it only requires 50% or more of ModernAdmin users, essentially if only you ( the host ) have the program it would work just like MW3SA.

Plus you can always report a player for hacking/exploiting and leave the server if you cannot persuade 50% of the MA users to vote kick a person.
(12-23-2011, 19:04)FFNJunior Wrote: Creator of the tool here, just thought I'd pop in and thank UdK.cH; I have subscribed to this thread, so if anyone has questions I'll do my best to respond.

you are welcome
Just released version 1.1.1, some fixes to some problems; Anyone running a version with the auto-updater should get a notification next time they run the tool.

Sorry for the delayed release!
do not understand how to install and how to do? Who's bad English, he can not understand! progamma not popular!

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