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Release MW3 Mod: Zombie Juggernauts
Zombie Juggernauts!
Try to survive and escape the Juggernauts. Once the Juggernaut kills a survivor who is also the Juggernaut. The winner is you as a survivor when the Juggernauts escape for 10 minutes, if you have lost all the survivors have become dead or Juggernauts.

Changelog Version 4.1:
-Softcore Version (You can choose: Zombie Juggernauts or Hardcore Zombie Juggernauts)
-New Name for the .dsr File
-Differences between the Softcore & Hardcore Version

Initial Infected:
Primary Weapon: Riot Shield & Melee
Secondary Weapon: /
Lethal: Throwing Knife
Tactical: Concussion Grenade
Deathstreak: Dead Man's Hand

Primary Weapon: /
Secondary Weapon: USP.45 Tactical (without Ammo) & Melee
Lethal [SOFTCORE]: /
Lethal [HARDCORE]: Throwing Knife
Tactical [SOFTCORE]: Portable Radar
Tactical [HARDCORE]: EMP Grenade
Deathstreak: Martyrdom

Primary Weapon: AK-47 with Grenade Launcher + Extended Mags & Damage (Profiency)
Secondary Weapon: MP9 with Holographic Sight + Extended Mags & Damage (Profiency)
Primary Weapon: AK-47 with Extended Mags + Heartbeatsensor & Damage (Profiency)
Secondary Weapon: MP9 with Holographic Sight + Silencer & Damage (Profiency)

Lethal [SOFTCORE]: Semtex
Lethal [HARDCORE]: /
Tactical [SOFTCORE]: Concussion Grenade
Tactical [HARDCORE]: /
Perks: Scavenger, Hardline, Steady Aim
Specialist Strike Package: Extreme Conditioning -> Assassin -> Sleight of Hand
Deathstreak: /

First All files in your admin folder unpack in Modern Warfare 3 folder in case you do not have the folder created him!
(C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\call of duty modern warfare 3\admin)
Second Starts your Modern Warfare 3
Third Go into the "private game" menu
4th Then on game setup, because at the very bottom "Load from Disk"
5th Click on it and upload the mod. You can choose between the "ZJ-4_1.dsr" (Zombie Juggernauts) & "ZJHC-4_1.dsr" (Hardcore Zombie Juggernauts)

[Image: 20120328_00001.jpg]
[Image: 20120330_00001.jpg]
[Image: 20120328_00003.jpg]

More Informations:
I have as a basic mode, the "infected" and made ​​him so good I could edit that makes it more fun.

The .dsr file can not be renamed otherwise the mod can does not worked!

Attached Files
.zip   Zombie Juggernauts v4.1 by NCheck3R.zip (Size: 11.21 KB / Downloads: 657)
.zip   Zombie Juggernauts v4 by NCheck3R.zip (Size: 5.61 KB / Downloads: 54)
.zip   Zombie Juggernauts v3 by NCheck3R.zip (Size: 5.58 KB / Downloads: 37)
.zip   Zombie Juggernauts v2 by NCheck3R.zip (Size: 5.59 KB / Downloads: 28)
.zip   Zombie Juggernauts v1 by NCheck3R.zip (Size: 5.59 KB / Downloads: 42)
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+1 for TeamCustomizer
also wrong section Awesome
edit: moved
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The Gloves are the Best Happy cry
looks good
edited image tags and direct links
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THX Big Grin
Good work, Big Grin
[Image: veovuq.png]
Tomorrow I add more Informations about the Mod, like the Options & Perks etc. Awesome
More Informations added, Softcore & Hardcore Version from the Mod and Version 4.1
Have Fun! Awesome

Edit: I added the old Versions of the Mod, if you want to play them. Fuck yea!
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  • Yamato
I downloaded the file and put the 2 thing in admin, but i don't have solo play or whatever. Anyway can some 1 help me work this awesome thing.

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