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Release ItsModsloader
it doesnt let me chose help asap

A login? WTF?

(03-08-2011, 06:09)yolarrydabomb Wrote: A login? WTF?

use ur login. its to stop people from downloading it from another site.
(03-08-2011, 05:21)drakko Wrote: it doesnt let me chose help asap

press the "insert" key and read the instructions properly

should the files be arranged as the original order?

mod/Best Mod Evar/maps/mp/gametypes/*.gsc

Yes, the directory structure as before but now you have to put one directory above it (preferably named after the mod) and put that single directory in the mods directory

(03-08-2011, 13:54)xComplicit Wrote: should the files be arranged as the original order?

mod/Best Mod Evar/maps/mp/gametypes/*.gsc

Rename /mod/ to /mods/
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when i press insert f on black ops nothing shows please put a tutorial

(03-08-2011, 21:04)drakko Wrote: when i press insert f on black ops nothing shows please put a tutorial

Drakko listen,

First u should turn on modloader and login. Then when it will be written 'start Black Ops' do it. Of course, you've got to have some mods in folder called 'mods'. If everything works properly, you can see red text 'ItsModsLoader@' at the left corner on down. Then u should start private match, or choose mod before. Press insert key and navigate by arrows (up and down, and right for select). Chosen mod (mods u can choose are in folder 'mods') would be lighted on green, other mods are blue. Press insert to hide this window and then start server, or do it with started game. In second option u have to only open console (~) and write /map_restart. Sometimes, when u turn on Black Ops and first there is an information 'bout safe mode, u've got to turn loader one again. And something what I'm doing when loader doesn't work- turn on game first, then minimize it, turn loader, login & maximize it.

And remember to read 'README.txt' in folder with loader, there are some really useful instructions, which are written by SuperNova. You should read em at the beginning...

Complete re-summarise ;

Read the "README.txt" file given in the .rar
Directories should be as such :
ItsLoader/mods/(Mod Name here)/maps/mp/gametypes/*.gsc

  1. Open ItsLoader.exe
  2. Login using your ItsMods username and password
  3. Start Black Ops. If it prompts you to start in safe mode, close the loader and open it again after starting black ops (I think?)
  4. Host a game with sv_vac set to "0"
  5. Once the game is loaded, press insert and select the mods using the up / down arrow keys. Selected mod with be coloured green while the rest are coloured blue
  6. Press the right arrow key to make your selection
  7. Open the console (~) and type "/map_restart" without quotes
  8. Have Fun Smile

Should be working Smile

isn't working for me, i do everything like in instructions...

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