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Release ItsModsloader
(03-01-2011, 09:58)SuperNovaAO Wrote: 10 clicks a day would be enough. 8-10k pageviews a day and no 10 clicks.

3 clicks for supernova
i think instead of thanking nova i give him ad clicks instead

disable adblockplus and/or noscript

how come when i click the dl link it takes me to a blank page with this "Download ItsModsloader v. 7057" with no option to click/dl anything?no adblock/noscript

it will be fixed in the next hour(s)

CPALead whines for a week already since my account was inactive for too long and is now disabled. Will be resolved asap.

Why, i cant download this? Dodgy

I have the legit version of black ops, but I keep getting a msg. for updated version. I also tried running it as administrator. The file I downloaded was

Hi, I can't load any mod with ItsModsloader7057. it said "This version is not the most recent version avaliable. Please visit to retrive the latest version of ItsModsloader"-.
I downloaded the version of this post but still saying the same thing.
some1 could help me?
Sorry for my english, i'm spanish...

running legit version of black ops?
if not then re-read the mainpost please

(03-02-2011, 12:33)d0h! Wrote: running legit version of black ops?
if not then re-read the mainpost please
I am running a legit version

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