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Release IPAK extractor (+ library and source) V2.60
(12-11-2012, 17:39)Tomsen1410 Wrote: I cant remember of any beta. I think ur talking about a leak or something.

No there was an actual beta that was leaked onto TPB.
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[Image: UGPjFJa.jpg]
Hmm ok.
[Image: ctoc.jpg]
[Image: ?di=OJAY]
Which requires a password
This one:

[Image: ?di=3J45]

Big Grin
Yes. That's what I said.
edit: I like how you removed the password. even though it was incorrect
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Hi Jariz

My black ops II is Poland version and the beta version was automatically activated on my account.
and the other thing i don't have any password to play beta version i just wanted to show you that beta section Big Grin
Yea guys, I see the beta too:

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@Awk34 You forgot to hide your Profilepic down right! HOLY SHIT!

EDIT: Somehow I don't read "profilepic" as profile-pic....but as profil-epic.
[Image: ctoc.jpg]
Updated to V2.5, improved extracting speed about 200%, and added options to extract as dds, or to extract cube maps (like skyboxes) and volume maps
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