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Release Howto create Textures
(03-22-2011, 10:30)frenchy90 Wrote: Hi all
I'am French, so first , sorry for my bad english.
Thank you Mister HOUSE, for your documentation, very easy to follow. I will do it soon
and try to make some nice design for my CLAN .
May be i need some help
Best regards.

hello I am French so I was looking for a solution to this problem too
as jet-edited the file but iwi anything done after 20 test I still can not get the same amount in the properties of both file!

Jet scrupulously followed the tutorial but twenty is when I fix the file as a jet iwi
is message error no found!

added => flachburn to steam plz!

to better understand my problem =>

Jet solved my problem by doing a search-can!

When we convert the file iwi => to dds do not forget to rename the file. dds with that character => ~ - which is not to the file!

this video helped me also =>

for me it only works in private match, if I try to join a multiplayer match I got this error:
[Image: 2qwn39s.png]

error message:
Impure client detected. Invalid .IWD files referenced!
C:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\call of duty black ops\main\iw_11.iwd

why I can't play multiplayer?

Becouse its patched.

(07-21-2011, 12:35)iBanana Wrote: Becouse its patched.
Ok thank you,
I already thought it was patched so I searched for it in this thread but I couldn't find it.

anybody now if u can create custom como four ur hand guns

well since its patched can we somehow still play? what if i deleted the original?

just forget about the hex part and load your weapon camos using a mod

How create Textures for menu BO?

I've seen this tutorial a thousand times, but I just found out the brazzers running in the background and I lol'd so fucking hard

wow im thread rapeing here but , custom textures patched?, o.0 ,Confused, wtf ,oh hell no.

but really if the file is done right and crc fixed theres no way to patch it , if you get an error trying to mod textures from unmodded blackops then your doing it wrong!

if you get errors trying to mod textures for a mod then your just noob! and once again your doing it wrong .

just my 2cent Smile


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