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Release Howto create Textures
I hope this is going to be my last question, when i save any dds file its opens an Nvidia window with the settings for saving, wich settings should i put so the size of the files (Original x New) stay the same(1,366kb)?

Thanks for your time Barata...

If anyone is bored try this :

Take some goodlooking camo's from zombies.. like m16 upgraded looks really really sick.
Convert it to a camo working into MP
could give you a nice pack of camo's to use.

PLug-In works with photoshop Elements 9 Wink

which files are the camos for the weapons...i installed some skins and it makes all the camos yello..the gun is normal but if they have a camo its yellow and i would like to have the camos normal

try 01

Thanks for sharing this manual. The problem I got is that my new iwi file will be bigger in the 11.iwd archive as compressed size. The original and the new iwi's have exactly the same size but the iwd archive will be 6 bytes bigger as the original one.

I import it on the best compressed mode.

Can anny one help me? thanks for reading

(My skins wont be usable since I suck in photoshop and you geth blinded by it ingame Big Grin Just want to know how to make it and maybe some day I can make something nice for myself and others)

EDIT:Allready recieved help from d0h! Thanks for it

i need help

(01-09-2011, 16:43)Ferrari Wrote: i need help

hmm okay, guess the right answer??

(01-09-2011, 16:43)Ferrari Wrote: i need help
Try doing that thing.
[Image: 1fxsnb.jpg]

When i try step 6. My photoshop say this. [Image: helpdg.jpg]

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