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Release Change class bug fix
hey guys havent see this anywhere so i thought i would share this with you (because i like sharing) i've noticed in some of the mod's here and when i made my first mod that sometime's if you would change class after after you where spawned it would give you your class with all your gun's insted of what the mod is ment to load so here's my _menus.gsc that goes in \maps\mp\gametypes witch fix's that exploit,, if you know of any other way to do that bug please let me know and i will fix it xD, but as far as i know with this in your mod, one should only ever get the guns and things that you have set in your mod and never anything else

best regards
Hector Hind

Attached Files
.zip   changeclassfix.zip (Size: 2.21 KB / Downloads: 43)
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also add my steam: rotceh_dnih if you have any suggestions or questions
has anyone used this?
if so was it helpfull?
have you been able to glitch your gun's any other way?
strange.. i've never had that bug :o
(08-10-2011, 12:58)Pozzuh Wrote:
Se7en Wrote:Stealed, from cod4 mod ...
look who's talking

[Release] Old School Mod v2.2
[Release] Scroll menu

cmMod has that bug and I'm loving it Big Grin
yes , cmmod has the bug ... big bug ^^
Sorry for my english, i'm from Belgium
Steam ID: Faramire0007
[Image: 2s1aq0o.jpg]
yea i'd like to look at that but do you have to pay for it ?

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