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[Release] ServerConfigurator: Change your server settings easily
Its My Birthday! 
Change your server settings easily

[Image: Phoqt.png]

[Image: t76ua.png]

  • Change MW3 server settings
  • Change Addon server settings
  • Edit timed messages
  • Create new config files
  • Edit playermanager RCON settings

How to install
Just place the file where your server lives Awesome

How to use it
Doubleclick serverconfigurator.exe Awesome

It gives a file not found error
If you're sure you placed the configurator in the right location, just click create > and choose your config file
else, make sure it is in your server root


.zip   ServerConfigurator.zip (Size: 325.39 KB / Downloads: 2,208)
nice, but im too lazy to post something, so i just say, nais!
AWESOME! Thanks.
Ok didnt find my normal config, But how do I edit the config on my server already. Like my TWL config installed , and I wanted to edit that from this? Any ideas how?
it looks for players2\server.cfg and addon\sv_config.ini
edit: i will add a open config function in a few hours
Epicnessss, Good Job! Troll pedobear again
[Image: 9824]
++ makes it a lot easier for people to change their settings. good tool
looks nice Big Grin
Again a great tool!
omg omg omg omg omg awesoooooooooooooooooooooooooooome

i love u jariz

ur realy a legend \<3

keep it up

plz change the path to admin/server.cfg
dprclan.com ,, we are recruiting for black ops 2 !! join us soldier Cool

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