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Release Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 English Language Files Links:
What are these? Huh

I have no idea what to do. When I change zone/russian to zone/english and paste the files in and put the _english_*.iwds in main the MP works (expect the server browser which is still russian..). But SP doesn't start at all saying I need a xp_russian shader.

When I keep it zone/russian and change the .iwds I downloaded to russian I need the _gfx_ files.
[Image: E08lZ.png]
[Image: BieSS.png]
[Image: MaEIQ.png]

dont replace or rename the zone folders! what the hell are you doing
just put the files into the steam game folders like they are supposed to be.
also dont delete the russian files.

when you are dont just replace 2 files, check the screens in the mainthread

im downloading the MU one, is that everything? because one is over 4gb one is 1gb... we will see

The 5GB is the entire game, except for the DLL's and EXE's...
Overkill of data.

removed it, not necessary. just use the first or second mirror

The loc files work great for MP but for SP, it still has an error saying "cannot load image xp_russian".

Any solution ?

right thanks, downloading the MU files, will let you know how it eventually goes.

Do i also need to change language in steam options or just replace the files?

just add the folders like you see on the screens

right, thanks again

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