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Release Black Ops Optimizer (previously First Strike Optimizer)
COTD mapname is zombie_coast i think
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
can find on sharing site !!!
Cant find escalation on anywhere...any1 gt the link?
when i press . it loads ascension and during loading it gives me an error:

every map i load it gives me this error, tried to reinstall the game and redownload first strike dlc

nvm, i found a solution for this, just copy ONLY the zombie map not the whole dlc, thanks for the update
I'm looking for the link too. If anyone has found escalation please pm me? Big Grin Good Job Nova. Thumbs up from me.
Can we play ranked matches now?If we can't can i set just zombies so i can play ranked match on mp?
I can not find anywhere escalation map pack. Did someone can PM me and send links to download, when will find that?
I can't find it either
Someone please send me a link I want that Call of the Death zombie map Smile
Im having trouble also, all these XBOX tags screw up my search (and yes I tried -xbox -360 -xbox360 and -PS3 still no luck :S) anyone kind enough to PM me a "hint" :B
Any idea how to play with friends?, tried your tutorial but i can't open the console even with the monkeytoy "0" and Bind 0 "map zombie_cosmodrome" does nothing in private match

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