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Release Black Ops Optimizer (previously First Strike Optimizer)
(04-11-2011, 06:37)d0h! Wrote: first of all, we are not supporting any cracked content here. you are playing the skidrow version.
btw you didnt read the description...NO you DONT!

to start the singleplayer map, bind the ascension map to a key.

i tried to bind it to a key and it did the same thing
nope doesnt work re install also doesnt work
cracked version is not supported

run as admin ? downloaded and put the dlc maps into correct folder?
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
hey guys thanks again for the optimezir.. tough i encountered a wierd problem when installing it on my friend computer....

We renamed all maps, put the files in right foldes and such but when we launched the game we couldnt open the console anymore so we were unable to load the maps....

What do you think went wrong? :S
Earn some cash/points to get yourself some cool stuff or a bunch of microsoft points Big Grin really works!

LOL activate it in game settings..
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
To everyone who keeps crying about this not working, please go learn the basics of using a computer first. The instructions are very straight forward and as long as you have the basic knowledge of installing any game. Two things you should be aware of:
1) This is only for people who have the original game on steam
2) You can play solo without any problem, but when it comes to private match with your friends its a bit tricky. The host of the game needs to own the legit dlc. If you have this crack and you are trying to host a map of ascension, it will give you an error. You can only join a host's room who owns the legit dlc. I have been playing with my friend (who owns the dlc) with this crack since the dlc was released. I have never received an error. But I tried hosting a couple times and I got a bunch of errors.
And one more thing, whenever you start the game, make sure you copy over the map files all over again cuz sometimes steam automatically removes the dlc map files during game file synchronization.
And I want to thank the creator of this crack again. You have saved me 15 bucks (i would have payed but I dont even play the multiplayer).
what is the dlc loader
(04-21-2011, 09:40)modmybrain Wrote: what is the dlc loader

like the name already says, it loads the dlc..
FUCK IT ! Its patched ;(

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