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Release Black Ops Optimizer (previously First Strike Optimizer)
When i dl the optimizer, theres only a .txt file and the optimizer...

wheres the .bat?
start the optimizer as admin
I like the new way to dowload the files.
Works like a charm tyvm Big Grin I cant seem to use the modloader and this at the same time.Anyone else ?
[Image: sAng_banghead2.gif]

Steam name = WhoFlungDung?
hey dudes, I'm new, I have the black ops DLC and optimizer and I try to run ascension and I get this error


Server script compile error
unknown function

(see console for details)"

can anyone help?
You have the paid game (Steam)?
(04-01-2011, 23:17)SuperNovaAO Wrote: You have the paid game (Steam)?
no, is steam needed?
Yes, wait for Skidrow to update or buy the game.
(04-01-2011, 23:31)SuperNovaAO Wrote: Yes, wait for Skidrow to update or buy the game.
so playing offline without steam can't be done yet?

(04-01-2011, 23:33)Rex Wrote: [quote='SuperNovaAO' pid='13859' dateline='1301697104']
Yes, wait for Skidrow to update or buy the game.
so playing first strike offline without steam can't be done yet?

we do not support or provide any help for cracked copies

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