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Release Black Ops Optimizer (previously First Strike Optimizer)
is it not possible for the dlc to be uploaded to a less scam orientated website such as megaupload? or filesmelt? (not complaining)

lol shit my bad... found it through a proxy site Big Grin
megaupload isnt scam in any way...and dont forget we do not provide any help to get you the dlc! warez!
(03-30-2011, 07:26)d0h! Wrote: all those dvars still work, but you need to modifiy your client on demand to use them. invakec can confirm this as he played with nova an me online. give weapon, god and inf ammo etc...

Mhnn i need them but modifiy your client on demand?
wichone St**m work only offline for BO and give only botz, they are so stupid and noway to make machinima instead DEVMAP give you native democlient and i can change config_mp before record it with fraps
Noclip is like dollycam very usefull
New itsmodloaderOptimun?
(03-29-2011, 20:58)wingterd Wrote: Error
couldnt find the bsp for this map. PLease Build the fast file associated with maps/zombie_cosmodrome.d3dbsp and try again

HELP ANYONE>?>????????

Did you put the bind key as cosmodrome? NOT cosmodrone. Or are you playing online and private match? you can only play the zombie map in SOLO mode.
no, you can play it online too. ivancek, me and nova did that with cheats etc..
Update to work with 7.0.91
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  • boduke1
(03-30-2011, 13:42)d0h! Wrote: no, you can play it online too. ivancek, me and nova did that with cheats etc..

(03-30-2011, 14:19)GraphicZero Wrote:
(03-30-2011, 13:42)d0h! Wrote: no, you can play it online too. ivancek, me and nova did that with cheats etc..


sorry just the truth
hi all, first post here.

pre-conditions :
1-read all the 13 pages of discussion: read, not scrolled down , but read carefully.
2-i am sure i have done all right:
-downloaded file-put in right location
-renamed the file from "en" to "it",because i am italiana nd play from it.changed the first line in loc file
-run optimizer (v0.2)before blops,and as administrator
-...all the other things
3-ascension Single player works; i don't mind ascension multiplayer.

runasadmin optimizer
i start blops MP,go to private match,disabled vac,set password.
(i before modified the cfg to have bots in private matches.)
i load nuketown and try to start ---> the game freezes .
it seems to load the map but when it says "waiting match status ...1"(in italian "attesa stato partita 1") it simply freezes: ctrl-alt-canc,taskmanager-->blops not responding, need to break the process.

if i try not running optimizer, the map load, but when im "playng" if i try to
"/map mp_berlinwall2" it kick me out sayng
- "you dont have the map you have to buy it from steam store"
-i also tryed "/map it_mp_berlinwall2"but it says something like "error, you need to build that file"

dont know what to do:maybe even if i am italian i do not own italian version of the game? i bought it not from steam but in a store.te voices are in italian so it has to be italian version , right?


thx in advance for help

ps-great job anyway,your works is stunning Big Grin

edit:- sorry for bad english
-hell yeah i forgot the patch. i needed v0.21 , not 0.2
im gonna try it now.
yes should work with the new version after this patch

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