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[Release] Black Ops II/III Sound Studio 1.5.4
when I replace audio it will not let me save and messes all my audio up
Hey so my anti-virus said it was a trojan is this just a false alarm?
not false alarm.
This is hidden virus software.
(07-11-2013, 13:45)master131 Wrote: Black Ops II Sound Studio v1.5.2 by master131

[Image: a5CoAGU.png]

[Image: qB8H3G9.png]

  • Supports both Black Ops II and Black Ops III.
  • Load SABS or SABL files
  • Supports XBOX, PS3 and PC (refer to the limitations/problem list)
  • Files names of PC audio entries are recognised (thanks kokole)
  • Displays basic header information
  • Shows all audio entries
  • Allows you to replace existing audio with your own (with built-in conversion, many video and audio formats supported)
  • Export audio entries
  • Built-in audio player that can play formats natively without extra codecs

Changes since v1.5/v1.5.1/v1.5.2 (28th August 2015):
  • Added basic support for Black Ops III (beta) SABS and SABL files; save support has been disabled.
  • Updated FFmpeg executable (20150825-git-4c39892).
  • Checksum fix disabled by default to possibly make it work for MP (toggle under Tools).
  • Drag and drop support.
  • Toggle between file name and full path (under Tools).
  • Updated name database to support Black Ops III (@DidUknowiPwn)

Changes since v1.4 (4th January 2014):
  • Fixed playback and save of XMA audio with only 1 audio channel.

Changes since v1.3 (2nd October 2013):
  • Updated name database to support Apocalypse DLC on PC.

Changes since v1.2 (25th August 2013):
  • Updated name database to support Vengeance DLC on PC.

Changes since v1.1 (23rd July 2013):
  • Added support for the playback and export of XMA audio for XBOX360
  • Added loop flag and sample rate detection.
  • Updated name database to support Uprising DLC on PC.

Known limitations/problems:
  • Audio replacement of XMA audio entries are currently not supported as an encoder hasn't been added yet.
  • Audio replacement for PS3 is not tested.
  • Replacing headerless WAV audio with your own that is 1 second or more longer than the original will result in SP missions loading forever (same might happen with MP, not tested)
  • Backups are not created, it's up to the user to do that themselves.
  • Editing the asset references list actually does nothing when saved to disk.

This software uses a compiled/command-line version of FFmpeg licensed under GPLv3 built by Kyle Schwarz/Zeranoe which can be downloaded here along with the original source code.

This tool is in no way affiliated with Activision Blizzard or Treyarch and does not contain any copyrighted files from the game, "Black Ops II" or "Black Ops III".

How do I replace existing audio?
Right-click on an audio entry and click on "Replace Audio". Browse to the file you want to replace the audio with (many formats supported, no manual conversion required). The tool will convert automatically to the correct format and highlight the audio entry. Afterwards, click File > Save or use Ctrl + S to save the changes to disk.

How do I export audio entries?
Right-click on the entry and click "Export". You can also export all entries within the file and retain the original tree structure (if available).

How do I play an audio entry?
Right-click on the entry and click "Play". Alternatively, you can click on the entry and click on the play button in the mini-player at the bottom.

What's a good way to see if this works?
Open "spl_frontend.all.sabs" and find "mus_bo2_theme.SL65.pc.snd". Right-click > Replace Audio and select your own audio to use. Repeat the same for "mus_bo2_theme_ambient.SL65.pc.snd". Now click File > Save (might freeze for a little) and close the program, then start singleplayer. When the main screen comes up, your custom music will be playing in the background. Smile

Stanimir Stoyanov

Please report all bugs if you encounter any.

Mirror: (tick the box for the file, click the first big button [Image: fzMUMx4.png])

Why windows find harmful file in this rar
Its a virus fuck you
Could the OP fix this. I can't download this since it has a virus
can't open all DLC4 zombie files (zm_genesis.all.sabs/zm_genesis.all.sabl/zm_genesis.en.sabs)
however all other sabs/sabl files can be opened

i want to extract that easter egg song please help!
can't open those zm_geneisis files due to invalid magic value detected ?
Please add support for CoD: Infinite Warfare .sabs/.sabl Sad Here are samples :-


All its doing is completely emptying the .sabs/.sabl file instead of replacing the audio.
[Image: P3oRiGZ.png]
Mercs are always the most badass.

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