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Release Bad Names Kick Plugin v3.0
Can anyone fix the plugin? Guys with spaces are immune to this plugin.. I really need someone to fix this..
Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.
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Hello et thank you but how i can have this ?
Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.
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Clan tags or part of player's name don't work.
for example a player's name: Terminator
if I use !badname Termin
it doesnt work
or the same if a player's name: ]VMC[-retard
command !badname VMC
doesnt ban the player. how then do you kick clan's tags?

If you want to make the plugin perfectly you should make the two possibilities:
a) kick player names by mask
example: ]VMC[-retard
!badname "vmc"
!badname "retard"
b) kick players by their exact names. not using the mask
example: ]VMC[-retard
!badnameE: ]VMC[-retard
!badnameE .
that command should kick the player with name "." . one dot olny
and it shouldn't kick other players using "." (dot) in their nicks: PLAYER.NAME (for example)

2. kick players by clientnumber
for example:
!badnameN 12
this feature is very important for cheaters who join to servers with the same nick. These squares. In the case, banned nicks must be copied from client number.

Also you should fix this.
3. everybody in the server can make the kick command: !badname
it is bad.
you must make a file with allowed xuids to start the commands.
in other way everybody is admin in your server and you can reveal that you are banned in your own server when you aretrying to connect next time.
4. it's better to put forbidden.txt into plugins folder.
5. forbidden names are not in the column if you add them from the game: !badname.
they are in one line in the file forbidden.txt Better make em in column.
6. add possibility to kick players with no name. (space only)

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