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Release Another Zombie Trainer v.2.2
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS! You use this and any other program you download from the internet at your own risk.


[Image: screeniev22fullscreen.png]

Changes over 2.1:
  • - Cleaned up the code so it is running more efficient (not that you will notice that, but well )
  • - Its now Version-Independent, so no matter which version of BO you run (even future ones), it will work.
  • - A New, Epic-Looking GUI (Graphical User Interface), which is even skinable (included a few skins)
  • - Support for Online-Zombies (money hack now is for all players)

List of Features:
  • - Unlimited Ammo and No Reload
  • - Unlimited Zombie Money for all players (will watch that your money doesn't drop
    below a certain value, you can still earn money as normal)
  • - Godmode (No Zombie/Bullet-Damage)
  • - Fast-Trigger: when activated, you can fire semi-automatic weapons, e.g. the FN-Fal as it would be automatic using the key you configured
  • - NoClip
  • - Show FPS (draws your current FPS on the game-screen)
  • - Remove Gun
  • - Third-Person-View (Treyarch didn't mind implementing that totally, so the hit detection is messed up then...a fun feature only)
  • - Set your walk/Run-Speed (F7 to set back to normal, F9 to set to 500 due to request from Lord Taz)
  • - Game-Overlay (working with window mode only), which shows
  • - A Crosshair, that doesn't interfere with your mouse. Something that made it pretty much useless on other trainers
  • - The currently activated Hacks
  • - The color of the Overlay is configurable.
  • - Its now version-Independent

Most of these will also work in campaign, but not all.

I will not release any new offsets for the older Versions of this hack.

- Sph4ck and master131 for inspiration on how to realize a version independent trainer
- Blubb1337 because he is german and just has to be mentioned
- Big Thanks to Lolbie
- Edlmann for Coding and gathering all the offsets

Attached Files
.rar   Black-Ops-SP-Trainer.rar (Size: 1,012.85 KB / Downloads: 171)
Gui looks awesome
when i host my buddies dont get god mode what can i do ?
Trainer is great, but would it work for sure with the next patch ? Rolleyes
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
yes if he added the correct signatures
(02-25-2011, 22:55)d0h! Wrote: yes if he added the correct signatures

FFS doh stop cheating death Dodgy
OMFG why cheat in zombies i survived 15 waves of zombie in solo and 125 in mp so.. without cheats

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