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[REQUEST] Steamgroup Joiner
Is anyone willing to try and make this?

It would be similar to l4d2. Where as you hit "H" to join the steamgroup.

Perhaps that is not possible in MW3?

It could be if you can somehow get it to open a browser window in-game through steam that goes to the group. Mw3SA did a similar thing. Then people can join the group. Please tell me its possible and not too much trouble. xD

If not possible to bind "H" for clients, maybe have a command like !join that does this?

Thanks for reading
Nice idea. I dont know if it's possible.
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(09-20-2012, 14:42)Pozzuh Wrote: Impossible.

It's like > get all groups > edit code > send request to accept? ( in code )
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@lightspeed I expected that you would know that addon is serverside by now.
Also it's not like that at all.
It is possible to send automated requests that people then need to accept
If some can make that, would be fucking awesome
As @JariZ said, not possible.
Only if user will have clientsided plugin or something like this. (Rcon, lastevent etc)
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@Lightspeed logic to curing cancer:

Find stuff that heals cancer -> apply to cancer
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(09-21-2012, 17:08)AZUMIKKEL Wrote: @Lightspeed logic to curing cancer:

Find stuff that heals cancer -> apply to cancer

I know, but as always i didn't read the whole thread. My fault.
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